L-Fixer Leather repair kit

L-Fixer Leather Repair Kit: any color, fast drying, easy to use


  • EASY to use. Repairs cuts, rips, tears and holes in a few easy steps (guide is included). No special skills needed.
  • UNIVERSAL. Can be used to repair clothing, furniture, car seats, shoes, etc. 7 different color jars provide unlimited options for any surface.
  • SAFE. Unique fast drying, non-toxic, water based solution requires no heat or additional tools.
  • WATER PROOF. Repaired area remains water resistant, yet naturally flexible.

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L-Fixer is one of the most effective leather repair solutions on the market. Developed by a Russian chemical engineer, this liquid leather is made with a synergistic blend of premium components. The unique mixture coupled with nanotechnology makes this durable adhesive tough as nails. Yet it stays flexible and elastic. Plus it’s able to withstand extreme cold and hot conditions without cracking, tearing or losing its ability to stay together, keeping your leather looking like new.