L-Fixer is a leather repair product to easily fix tears, rips and scratches on any piece of leather or vinyl. Using L-fixer is quick and does not require any special skills or preparation, all repair process can be done at home.

L-Fixer is one of the oldest and most effective leather repair solutions on the market, satisfying customers since 2005. Developed by a Russian chemical engineer, this leather repair product is made with a synergistic blend of premium components. The unique mixture coupled with nanotechnology makes this durable adhesive tough as nails.

Because of used nanotechnology L-fixer ensures exceptional adhesion of the surfaces. Repaired product withstands extreme temperatures ranging from -35°C to +70°C. However, it still can be easily removed, if needed.

L-Fixer is perfect for renewing both natural leather and vinyl. This product is ideal for you if you want revive your furniture, car seats, clothing, shoes, purses or other leather products for a new life.

For natural and artificial leather

L-Fixer works perfectly on all leather and vinyl surfaces (except suede).

Weather resistant

Because of nanotechnology formula L-Fixer retains its qualities even when dry and in extreme temperatures ranging from -35°C to +70°C.

Safe to use

If needed, L-Fixer can be easily removed using water (when still wet) or acetone (when dried).

Quick Dry

L-Fixer dries out and hardens in 30-90 minutes, depending on covered surface.


User reviews

Reviews from the users that bought L-Fixer

* I’m impressed. I used L-Fixer on my old shoes, got the right colour very quickly and now they look like new.

* The review is translated form German



I bought your product to repair my old scratched leather jacket. It took me some time, but eventually I got pretty good results! Thank you.